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Road Tripping from Dubai: Weekend Getaways by Rental Car

Living in a city like Dubai, life can be relentlessly fast-paced, with barely any time for breaks. There may come a point when you long to escape the jaws of the bustling city and yearn for some adventure or alone time in a new environment that is not the city you reside in. When this happens, simply rent a car in Dubai, take hold of the wheel, rev up the engine, and head to a new place for a change in scenery.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on a trip in your car rental from Dubai to some of the most exciting places you can visit for a fun little adventure. The following destinations promise to be more than just a short retreat. As you cruise down the silky roads and travel from one place to another at your own pace, you may come across various landscapes, learn more about the local culture, and see some jaw-dropping views of nature. So, let’s set out on an adventure to find the hidden beauties that are only a short drive away.

●    Al Ain: A Date with History and Nature

Al Ain is a city with a rich history and stunning natural surroundings that is nestled in the eastern part of Abu Dhabi. Begin your weekend escape by visiting the Al Jahili Fort, a 19th-century architectural wonder. The fort provides insight into the city’s interesting history and culture.

Al Ain Oasis is a place for nature lovers who may enjoy exploring the lush greenery of the city. As you take a stroll around the oasis, you may notice several palm trees and traditional falaj irrigation systems. Those on the daring side of the coin may want to visit Jebel Hafeet, the UAE’s highest peak. It provides gorgeous views of the city and is great for nighttime stargazing.

●    Hatta: A Hidden Gem in the Mountains

An ideal place to seek solace with tranquility surrounding you is Hatta, a quaint little town in the Hajar Mountains. Driving in a car rental from Dubai to Hatta is a ride filled with picturesque views of the majestic mountains and Hatta Dam.

The Hatta Heritage Village, which depicts the region’s traditional way of life, is one of the city’s highlights. Discover the charming mud-brick homes and relics that illustrate the history of Hatta. After that, rent a kayak or paddleboard and relax in the calm emerald waters of the Hatta Dam.

●    Fujairah: Sun, Sand, and Sea

On the UAE’s east coast, is a coastal gem called Fujairah. Anyone looking for a mini beach vacation may find this place to be their true calling. The rugged Hajar Mountains make for a beautiful backdrop for photos and selfies.

The coastline of Fujairah features exquisite beaches and crystal-clear waters. Don’t forget to take in the vivid marine life at Snoopy Island, a famous snorkeling and diving location. Another must-see is the Fujairah Fort, a historical fortress with a deeper insight into the region’s past.

●    Sharjah: A Cultural Extravaganza

If you want to spend as little time as possible on the journey, consider visiting Sharjah, a cultural getaway. With a significant emphasis on conserving and advancing Arab culture, Sharjah makes for a terrific vacation spot while staying close to Dubai.

The Sharjah Art Museum has a world-class display of past and contemporary Arab art. Another interesting place to visit is the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, which houses a large collection of Islamic artifacts. And when you search for a place to refresh your mind, drive along Al Noor Island, a peaceful urban haven with exceptionally well-maintained gardens.

●    Liwa Oasis: The Desert’s Tranquil Haven

Last on the list is a place that the whole of UAE is known for, a desert. Liwa Oasis is an oasis that is enveloped by sweeping golden sands in the Empty Quarter. The setting offers its visitors a wonderful background for an idyllic weekend getaway.

Qasr Al Sarab, a first-class desert resort, is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy the serenity of the desert. You can also visit the neighboring Moreeb Dune, which is one of the highest dunes in the UAE and a famous sandboarding destination.


Everyone needs a break once in a while and when you decide to rent a car in Dubai to visit another place, you are taking the first step to experience a new landscape and culture. Driving in a car rental from Dubai makes travelling to other places easy given the city’s strategic location. Whether you prefer to learn more about UAE’s history in Al Ain, spend time in the nature at Hatta mountains, enjoy the cold breeze of Fujairah’s beaches, immerse yourself in the Arab culture by visiting Sharjah, or have a peaceful time at the Liwa Oasis, riding in a car rental from Dubai will make for a great starting point. So, fill up your petrol tank and set out on an outing that goes beyond the city limits.

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